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Participation in Auto Exhibitions

Parts International is a keen exhibitor in Automobile exhibitions all around the globe. Apart from exhibiting in these events Parts International makes a point to visit all major Auto Related exhibitions to keep at par with latest development related to the Automobile Industry.   

The following are the exhibitions which Parts International has been part of in recent times.



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Parts International was one of the major exhibitors. Here Parts exhibited its main products which included Spare Parts, Accessories & Car Care products as well as Mafra along with their partners. Below are some of the pictures which we taken during the exhibitions.

With all the above experience in exhibitions and Auto Trade Fairs. You as a customer can be sure that Parts International is well aware of all latest development in the Automobile Industry and are best suited to supply you with all your Automobile related Needs.





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Parts International was one of the biggest exhibitors in “The First AUTOMECHANIKA EXHIBITION” in South Africa. Here again Parts displayed their Range of Spare Parts and Accessories.





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Parts international was one of the exhibitors in the biggest automobile related exhibition in the world, AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT. Here parts showcased their major brands and products as well as gave high lights for the future developments in the field of Auto Spares & Accessories. Find below pictures related to the exhibition. Also find link to official AUTOMECHANIKA WEBSITE DONE BY PRODUCT PILOT.

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